Urban List – 10 Of The Best Mac ‘N’ Cheese Dishes In Auckland, As Chosen By You

By Kathryn Steane
22nd Jun 2022

A person tucks into the legendary Mac N Cheese at The Oyster Inn on Waiheke Island.

Carbs and dairy, you’re pretty much soul mates. And there really is no combination more drool-worthy than an oozy serving of good ol’ mac ’n’ cheese. 

Now, maybe it’s just us, but mac ’n’ cheese dishes seem to be all the rage in Auckland so we asked you to share your faves. From classic American versions to something a little fancier (truffle and crayfish, anyone?), here’s to helping our city’s very own mac moment with a list of all the mac ’n’ cheese dishes you need in your life.  

The Mac 'n' cheese at Soul Bar & Bistro.Soul Bar & Bistro 

Auckland Viaduct 

We couldn’t compile a list of the best mac ‘n’ cheese in town without including the OG. Trust us, Soul Bar’s version is one of the best in Auckland. They make theirs with ham off the bone and a parmesan crust and it’s nothing short of a carb-heavy masterpiece. Sam says it’s luxuriously creamy and decadent and we couldn’t say better ourselves.

Amazing looking mac 'n' cheese from Peach's Hot Chicken.Peach’s Hot Chicken


There’s a lot to love about Peach’s Hot Chicken, including their amazing mac ‘n’ cheese. This baby is pumped full of pimento—and with one of the owners hailing from the unofficial home of mac itself (America)—you know it’s gonna be good. Jay can’t get past the creaminess.

Nanny’s Eatery


Serving exceptional Jamaican comfort food, do yourself a favour and order up a serve of Nanny’s Eatery‘s already legendary and wonderfully punchy five-cheese mac ‘n’ cheese. Jack agrees, saying it’s some of the best in town.

The legendary mac and cheese at AndiamoAndiamo

Herne Bay

Our wee lineup wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the offering at beloved Herne Bay eatery Andiamo. Here the holy trinity of bacon, chilli and fontina cheese is deliciously melded with macaroni to produce an exceptional taste sensation. You can gobble up this mac ‘n’ cheese as a starter or main, but if you can’t get there any time soon you can serve up a dish right at home using their delicious mac and cheese recipe. You’re welcome. Shanay says Andiamo’s is hands down the best in Auckland.

The mac 'n' cheese at Smokin Cole BBQSMOKIN COLE BBQ

Grey Lynn

Prepare for a serious mac attack when you visit SMOKIN COLE BBQ. Their mac ‘n’ cheese is legit delicious and combines all the classic, carb-y elements you know and love with a hint of truffle and a dash of mustard. Hell yes. Levi says Smokin Cole’s truffle mac and cheese is pretty hard to beat.

Oyster & Chop 

Auckland Viaduct

For a restaurant known for oysters, you might be surprised to discover that Oyster & Chop also dabbles in a bit of mac ’n’ cheese making. Their version combines smoked cheese with a delicious truffle crumb. Simple, elegant and oh so delicious. Zoe says they get her vote every time.

A mac 'n' cheese hot dog from GOOD DOG BAD DOG sits on a plate looking delicious.Good Dog Bad Dog

Commercial Bay, Point Chevalier, Ormiston, Onehunga 

Just when you thought mac ‘n’ cheese couldn’t possibly get any better, Good Dog Bad Dog went and slapped it on top of a hot dog (we know!). This life-changing combo ain’t for the faint-hearted but if you love carbs—and you love meat—get amongst. Mish says this is the king of dogs.

A person tucks into the legendary Mac N Cheese at The Oyster Inn on Waiheke Island.The Oyster Inn

Waiheke Island

Want your comfort food with a side of ocean views? Yes, cheese! Enter The Oyster Inn, whose mac ‘n’ cheese has been a regular on the menu since opening in 2012. Now sitting proudly on owner Josh Emett’s menu you can enjoy it three ways: natural or with crispy slab cut smoked bacon. Baked to golden, crispy perfection every time, we may have hopped on a ferry just to enjoy this dish. Liza loves that their mac ‘n’ cheese is always a party in her mouth.

The incredible looking mac n cheese at Jervois Steakhouse.Jervois Steak House 

Herne Bay

We could smooch whoever decided to bring truffle to the mac ’n’ cheese party. Herne Bay’s Jervois Steak House cook their mac ’n’ cheese in a skillet alongside smoked ham hock and truffle for a truly glorious carbs-meets-cheese experience. It will go perfectly with your medium-rare Savannah Angus and is one of the best mac ’n’ cheese dishes in Auckland. Matt heartily agrees and says it always tops off the perfect meal. 

Wynyard Grill 

Wynyard Quarter

Forks at the ready! Wynyard Grill offers not one, not two, but THREE different styles of mac ’n’ cheese, and you’re going to want to try them all. Start with cheddar and chorizo followed by gooey brie and chives before moving on to blue cheese, bacon, apple and walnut. Seriously, get it in your belly. You might need to be rolled out the door but a great mac ’n’ cheese will always be worth it. Mike enjoys the twist on the traditional the most.

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Image credit: The Oyster Inn, Soul Bar & Bistro,  Peach’s Hot Chicken by Wono Kim, Andiamo, SMOKIN COLE BBQ by Wono Kim, Good dog bad dog, The Oyster Inn, Jervois Steak House. 

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