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A hot new Jamaican eatery has come to town and it’s here to set your tastebuds on FIRE. Nanny’s Eatery is the name, and you’ll find it along the main drag in Kingsland (not to be confused with the Jamaican capital, Kingston!) where Kage Restaurant and before that, Shakey Isles was.

Yup, if you like your food exotic and with a decent hit of heat, this could be your new fave spot, with authentic Jamaican and Mexican-infused fare the order of the day. Inspired by owner and head chef JP’s own Jamaican upbringing (special shoutout to his GramMa, who taught him much of what he knows in the kitchen), you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything here that’s not bloody delicious. Think melt-in-the-mouth chicken and pork belly, rubbed in jerk seasoning (a Jamaican staple), plus-size jalapeño poppers, a punchy five-cheese mac and cheese, cauli bites slathered in BBQ sauce, creamy slaw with lime, coriander and jalapeño dressing and golden waffle fries to mop it all up… honestly, how much time do you have, because we could go on about this food for days.

And things get even more exciting with the option of three different heat levels (‘Spicy’, ‘Super spicy’ and the we-can’t-help-but-want-to-try-it ‘You have to a be an idiot’ option) for most dishes.

Being a Caribbean eatery, you’ll also be treated to an extensive list of rums, imported from the mother nation itself—along with alcoholic ginger beer and a mean Dark and Stormy cocktail, amongst other libations.

As for the fit-out, it’s a total vibe—cosy, colourful, and alive with friendly faces and great tunes (keep an eye out for live reggae music) that will transport you straight to the isles of the Caribbean.

So if you’re looking for a fun spot to set your appetite alight (and kick your butt just a little), this is the place.

P.S. These guys also have a food truck operating out of Christchurch—check out all the deets here.

Image credit: Wono Kim

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